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Here you can find out a bit about the company, the vision and how things are created.  If you want to learn more you can contact us via the contact form below.



Twain Forsythe founded the bootstrapped business in 2020 as a way of creating a legacy project which allows him to use his design and retail skills for something more than just another apparel company.

Bootstrapping means entirely funded by self savings with no outside investment.  

Being a long term sufferer of anxiety and depression issues and knowing the benefits first hand of cycling as an aid for these issues, Twain felt compelled to include this as something to coincide with his cycling themed brand. 


Meet The Team - Founder Twain
Founder / Lead Designer

Twain takes care of everything from initial product concepts through to dispatching the finished products....and pretty much every other business task in between. A long time cyclist and artist makes him perfect for this role.

Twain's Freelance Designer Website

Jeremy brings his wealth of experience in fashion photography to the Cyke brand. Being based in Sydney he also has great access to iconic locations. He is a keen cyclist too so is part of the culture we live in.

Jeremy's Photography Website

The slot is currently available to anyone who believes in the brands vision from this early stage of the business and can assist in the growth of Cyke. Get in touch if you think you would fit the bill nicely.

Cyke - Cycling T-Shirt Close-up
Our Vision

Cyke seeks to become a global brand whose fundamental purpose is to increase mental health awareness and the linked positive benefits of cycling for general wellbeing.

This will be carried out through community engagement highlighting mental health awareness schemes and assistance. 

We believe cycling can be an imperative aid for mental health challenges worldwide along with the amazing eco- friendly benefits which cycling creates whether as a sport, hobby or means of transport.


We believe that being part of the cycling community is an integral part of creating a cycling themed business.

We do live and breathe bikes so this is conveyed strongly in our approach to design direction.

Cyke Drawing Closeup
Cyke - Cycling T-Shirt Close-up

Twain currently creates all the design artwork, chooses the materials and helps work on the overall feel of the products.

Not everything can be created in house so we use trusted production companies who share our passion for high quality products.

When possible we use local Australian businesses which helps us keep the money within our country which we feel is a great thing to do.


The Cyke word itself is a mixture of Cycling, Bike and Psyche.   

The latter being one of the main drives behind creating the brand to begin with.

We believe it is punchy, effective and easy to remember which helps us make the connection to the brand and community work well. 


Let us join together to help spread the benefits of cycling as an aid for mental health issues. 


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